Ali Foroutan 10000 Dollar Challenge.
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Do you have supernatural powers?

Are you in contact with ghosts?

Do you summon the soul?

Can you move a object with the energy of your mind?

Ali Foroutan has been trying to meet people who make such claims for several years, but unfortunately all the people who have claimed in these areas have not been able to prove this claim, and all of them with tricks and visual tricks and Psychology did that. If you think that you can do these things without any tricks and with the main knowledge of it, fill out the form below now and send a video of your ability. After the review by Ali Foroutan, a face-to-face meeting will be arranged with you to prove your power directly in front of him.

If you prove it, you will win 10000 Dollars from Ali Foroutan Institute of Doubt.


* Please fill in the form below carefully.
* In the “Write what you have the ability…” section, describe your full ability and also upload and send a video of your performance.