Hypnotist & Mentalist & Musician

Ali Foroutan is a Musician, Singer, Illusionist, Author, Hypnotist and Mentalist from Iran.

He is a graduate of music from the University of Arts and plays several instruments including piano, guitar, setar, etc. He has produced, composed, and arranged more than 50 pieces of music for himself and other artists. he is the creator and inventor of two mentalism books called “VOICELESS” and “I Miss Charlotte” 

He has performed more than 10 TV programs in Iran, including the special Nowruz program in 1392 hosted by Ehsan Alikhani and also the program Friends of Jam Jam Network.

He has produced two music albums for himself called “Alefba” and “Zire Bazarche” which are a combination of traditional, pop, rock and hip hop styles.

Among his most famous songs, we can name: Rokhsat, Hamin Havali, Bimar, Pahlevanan Nemimirand, Dash Akol and etc…

His supernatural powers have been attributed to him because of his mind-reading and hypnosis, but he denies these claims, believing that no one really has supernatural powers. Humility attributes its success in mind reading to a combination of “magic, morphology, psychology, misleading, and stage art.” Through his knowledge and skills, he pretends that he can influence people’s minds and read their brains. In fact, with subtle suggestions, managing the decision-making process, and reading subtle physical and psychological cues, and paying attention to body language, one becomes aware of the way people think.