• Do You Want To Quit Smoking?

  • Do You Suffer From A Psychological Injury?

  • Do You Want To Get Rid Of Fear In Your Mind?

  •  Do You Want To Increase Your Self Esteem?

  •  Are You Committed To Dieting To Lose Or Gain Weight?

  •  Do You Want To Be More Active? 

  • What Is Your Goal! Hypnosis Can Force Your Mind To Commit To It And Achieve It.

علی فروتن هیپنوتیزم
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علی فروتن هیپنوتیزم
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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnosis

Question And Answer

What Are The Benefits Of Hypnosis?

  • The trance mode allows the person to be more involved in the discussion and suggestion. This can improve the success of other treatments for many diseases.

What Diseases Can Be Treated With Hypnosis?

  • Phobia, Fear And Anxiety
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Post Traumatic Anxiety
  • Sorrow

Is Hypnosis Used To Control The Mind?

  • Through a series of hypnosis therapy sessions you can reach a higher level of mind control, which can help you to improve every area of your life.
    You can also change or improve your personality behaviors.

How Are Training Courses Held?

  • Mr. Foroutan’s training courses are for about one year and at the end of the course you can enter your subject in hypnotic state.

Mr. Foroutan, Under Whose Supervision Did You Take The Course?

  • Under the tutelage of Anthony Jacquin (founder of Head Hacking) from two thousand seven to two thousand ten, Ali Foroutan is the only person in the Middle East who has completed basic and professional hypnosis courses under the guidance of Anthony Jacquin.

What Is Demonstrative Hypnosis?

  • Theatrical hypnosis or demonstration hypnosis refers to the performance of hypnosis in close up or on stage, in which the hypnotist puts his subject into a state of the hypnotic state and can forget the subject’s name by affecting the subject’s subconscious mind or his feet sticking to the ground and anything impossible! This means that the subject’s mind is hacked by the hypnotist in less than three minutes, and the hypnotist can give any command to the subject.
    For example, imagine your mind is a personal cell phone hacked by a hacker! Now what information can be in the hands of a hacker?!

Registration For Hypnosis

To request more information about the benefits that hypnosis can have in your life and to plan hypnosis therapy sessions or training courses, please register via the form below.